Transparent Pricing

Given the current cost of patient care, we know that every dollar counts. We understand it is becoming more challenging as hospices are faced with caring for more complex patients and the medications they require to remain comfortable. At Elixir, you will always pay what we pay, the lowest cost possible, with no hidden fees.

Because we own our pharmacy network we are able to pass our full discount onto our hospices, saving our clients an average of 25% on their medications. Before Elixir, our hospices were spending an average of $9.75 per patient per day (PPPD) on medications. After Elixir, we average $5.42 PPPD while covering approximately eight drugs per patient per month. That's a savings of over $4 that can be spent on patient care!

Transparent PricingAdditionally, we keep our straightforward administrative fee completely separate to provide you with a clear understanding of what you are paying for medications. And we will always openly discuss financial arrangements with you, our partner.